Thursday, December 31, 2009

The New Year

It is currently just after midnight on New Year's Eve, and instead of going to bed, I've decided to blog instead. I'm trying to blog more often to keep my creative juices going, but to no avail. Lately my time has been taken up by catching up on television shows I've missed, due to the lack of having cable. Currently, I'm ubber obsessed with "Glee" and the teacher Mr. Scheuster played by Matthew Morrison, whom before this show, I had never heard of, therefore, I IMDB'ed him, and watched some movies he's been in such as, 'Once Upon a Mattress,' kind of interesting but the acting (not all, but most) was horribly corny and cheesy and hard to believe the characters, and watched 'Dan in Real Life' which he had a minor role in. He was the cop that kept pulling over Dan, he was just great. Then I youtube'd him, and found some clips of some of his broadway performances such as Hairspray as the original broadway Link Larkin, as much as I like Zac Efron, Matthew was way better.

I've also been catching up on "True Blood" an HBO show that's incredible. That's all I'll say, because I don't want to spoil it for you. Then, tonight I caught the latest episode of "Eastwick" in which they are playing the remainder episodes, and canceling it. It's an amazing show based off the book, which I had no idea it was a book, but also the basis of the 1980's (I believe) of "The Witches of Eastwick" which starred Jack Nickelson.

What I really should be doing with my current free time, is uploading all the remaining concert footage that I have from last years Hallows and Horcruxes Ball II, before the one coming up in April. I am also hoping beyond hope, that I can get off work on January 20th, because the band Owl City with their hit song "Fireflies" is coming to campus for a concert and apparently it's selling out and I don't want to buy a ticket and not be able to go, but then if I can get off, then I won't have a ticket to go. So, it's a pickle of a dilemma.

I am also, now 25, ugh. My first thought was "I'm half-way to 50." But that's looking at getting older in a negative light, yes I wish I didn't have to grow old, but who doesn't? I mean, I like who I am and I have fun with being who I am, and don't care if people judge me, well, I care but not in the sense that I would change myself to please others. I have my morals even if people don't agree with them or see eye to eye on the same topics. I do get made fun of occasionally for watching and actually liking High School Musical, but what's wrong with that? Musicals are fun and entertaining, and besides it's rated G which means it's for everyone. Now I would understand if it was rated Y for young audiences like some shows are on television, but G means everyone, well technically it means general, but it's the same thing. So me getting older should be a negative thing, it should be full of joy, so I can share my joy of the life I have, no matter how much things I have or don't have, with others and still be able to act like a kid once in a while. Everyone has that inner-child they just need to release once in a while and there's no harm in that.

Well, I have actually written more than I have intended to, but nevertheless, I feel slightly better and I'm not sure who actually reads these, but if anyone gets use out of them, then I guess I've done my job as a writer. I really should be going to bed now, and perhaps another one of these will come tomorrow. Good night all.

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