Wednesday, December 9, 2009

A Weather Rant of Sorts

So, I'm currently sitting in class and being bored to death as usual, with the rapidly approaching finals which are next week. However, today I am going to rant about the weather and how undesired it is. It all started on Sunday, when it was heavily snowing then it slowed down to practically nothing, and under that snow was some ice, mostly black ice. That wasn't to bad, but Monday it was lightly snowing, but that night the snow picked up and by morning there was about four inches of snow covering the ground and it was still SNOWING!! It snowed throughout the day, and now there is around 8-10 inches of snow, some areas more due to drifting last night and this morning with the wind.

Needless to say, I had to be at work at seven this morning. I decided that I would take a shower last night, then I had to make cookies for class presentations for today and got up at 5:45 this morning and cleared off my car, which through the night was around an inch-ish of snow. Had there not been tire tracks all over my street, etc. I would have most-likely would have walked because our roads haven't been cleared as of yet. Therefore, a normal five minute drive took around fifteen minutes. Having to walk to class was horrible, not only is it freezing, but the sidewalks aren't cleared enough or at all to get to class. Some of which is ice, which glares up at me as if threatening to make me fall. It looks as if they attempted to clear the sidewalks but stopped, however, they didn't put down any rock-salt in which case I have slipped, but have yet to fall. It's a shame that the streets are clearer (and that's not saying much), than the sidewalks.

I am now, going to get down off my soapbox and leave you to your day, and plus my class is almost over. So have a great day! DFTBA!

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