Wednesday, August 24, 2011


Most of you may know of Pottermore already and the Magical Quill Challenge. This took place starting July 31st for 7 days for early registration and admittance into pottermore. I didn't know about this challenge until July 31st because I'd been without internet for a while, so I found a twitter account hp_batsignal that would tweet "lightning has struck" when the clue was posted. I set my mobile text for it to notify me when the next clue was posted, therefore, resulting in my getting up on Day 2 at 5am CST and registering.

I have EARLY ADMITTANCE INTO POTTERMORE!! Okay, so that's really not as exciting as it sounds. Because it's been a month already and I have yet to receive my Welcome Letter which will allow me on the site, and me getting sorted. Being that in a month EVERYONE else will be able to enter pottermore, it feels as though getting in early isn't going to be possible. I would also like to comment that I'm hoping that they're going by who registered first, especially when the first 3 days of the Magical Quill Challenge questions were the hardest and we had other Potter fans helping each other. (My sister registered on Day 3, and my friend on Day 6.)

I realize that we'll all get in eventually, but what's the point of having early registration if not everyone's able to get in? I also understand that letting all early registrants in at the same time will slow the site down, but it's already been a month-ish, and I'm anxiously awaiting my letter.

I've also heard of people getting sorted into the "wrong" house. I know that Rowling decided the quizzes for the sorting on Pottermore, but if I don't get into Hufflepuff, I'm going to throw a hissy fit. Okay, not really...but seriously.

If I don't get in soon, I'm going to get really angry, okay not angry, but close to it.

So Congrats to all who've gotten into pottermore. You can find me there: NimbusSun53