Thursday, December 31, 2009

The New Year

It is currently just after midnight on New Year's Eve, and instead of going to bed, I've decided to blog instead. I'm trying to blog more often to keep my creative juices going, but to no avail. Lately my time has been taken up by catching up on television shows I've missed, due to the lack of having cable. Currently, I'm ubber obsessed with "Glee" and the teacher Mr. Scheuster played by Matthew Morrison, whom before this show, I had never heard of, therefore, I IMDB'ed him, and watched some movies he's been in such as, 'Once Upon a Mattress,' kind of interesting but the acting (not all, but most) was horribly corny and cheesy and hard to believe the characters, and watched 'Dan in Real Life' which he had a minor role in. He was the cop that kept pulling over Dan, he was just great. Then I youtube'd him, and found some clips of some of his broadway performances such as Hairspray as the original broadway Link Larkin, as much as I like Zac Efron, Matthew was way better.

I've also been catching up on "True Blood" an HBO show that's incredible. That's all I'll say, because I don't want to spoil it for you. Then, tonight I caught the latest episode of "Eastwick" in which they are playing the remainder episodes, and canceling it. It's an amazing show based off the book, which I had no idea it was a book, but also the basis of the 1980's (I believe) of "The Witches of Eastwick" which starred Jack Nickelson.

What I really should be doing with my current free time, is uploading all the remaining concert footage that I have from last years Hallows and Horcruxes Ball II, before the one coming up in April. I am also hoping beyond hope, that I can get off work on January 20th, because the band Owl City with their hit song "Fireflies" is coming to campus for a concert and apparently it's selling out and I don't want to buy a ticket and not be able to go, but then if I can get off, then I won't have a ticket to go. So, it's a pickle of a dilemma.

I am also, now 25, ugh. My first thought was "I'm half-way to 50." But that's looking at getting older in a negative light, yes I wish I didn't have to grow old, but who doesn't? I mean, I like who I am and I have fun with being who I am, and don't care if people judge me, well, I care but not in the sense that I would change myself to please others. I have my morals even if people don't agree with them or see eye to eye on the same topics. I do get made fun of occasionally for watching and actually liking High School Musical, but what's wrong with that? Musicals are fun and entertaining, and besides it's rated G which means it's for everyone. Now I would understand if it was rated Y for young audiences like some shows are on television, but G means everyone, well technically it means general, but it's the same thing. So me getting older should be a negative thing, it should be full of joy, so I can share my joy of the life I have, no matter how much things I have or don't have, with others and still be able to act like a kid once in a while. Everyone has that inner-child they just need to release once in a while and there's no harm in that.

Well, I have actually written more than I have intended to, but nevertheless, I feel slightly better and I'm not sure who actually reads these, but if anyone gets use out of them, then I guess I've done my job as a writer. I really should be going to bed now, and perhaps another one of these will come tomorrow. Good night all.

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Merry Christmas All!

I would like to take this opportunity to say Merry Christmas/Happy Holidays to all. It has been a while since my last blog, that I thought I'd take the liberty to write one now. :) It is currently Christmas Break and Christmas is in just in a couple days, but my break hasn't been going too well. I mean break is great, no classes, etc, but there's plenty to worry about.

My GPA went down a little and after the episode over the summer I can't afford my GPA to get lower (please don't ask). Plus, today I get a text from my mom that a girl I graduated high school with in 2003, has passed away last night, and there's no one here for me to talk to about it, since everyone has gone home for break. So, I continually have music, movies, on, etc. to keep me from having quiet time to think. I hate that things just keep happening like this. Four years ago the same thing happened, but obviously to someone else from my high school graduating class and I was in denial and for some reason hysterical, even though, the guy and I never got along in high school, but loosing a peer and someone you know is extremely hard, especially when their the same age as you. So, if I know when the funeral is I'm going to try to go, hopefully, it's not Monday, but if it is that's okay too. My only objection to Monday is, is the fact it's my birthday and I would hate to go to a funeral on my birthday.

Sorry if this blog is a bit depressing/boring, but I had to write something since I have no one to talk to about it until everyone comes back in January or when/if I go home on Christmas. We're suppose to have 8 inches of snow by Friday, Christmas but I can't go home if there's that much snow or county people suck at trying to keep roads clear. We had nine inches of snow a couple weeks ago, and they didn't shovel my street for 2 days after it quit snowing, I'm not holding high standards for this time either.

Have a joyous Holiday and hope you're breaks are/is going better than mine.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

A Weather Rant of Sorts

So, I'm currently sitting in class and being bored to death as usual, with the rapidly approaching finals which are next week. However, today I am going to rant about the weather and how undesired it is. It all started on Sunday, when it was heavily snowing then it slowed down to practically nothing, and under that snow was some ice, mostly black ice. That wasn't to bad, but Monday it was lightly snowing, but that night the snow picked up and by morning there was about four inches of snow covering the ground and it was still SNOWING!! It snowed throughout the day, and now there is around 8-10 inches of snow, some areas more due to drifting last night and this morning with the wind.

Needless to say, I had to be at work at seven this morning. I decided that I would take a shower last night, then I had to make cookies for class presentations for today and got up at 5:45 this morning and cleared off my car, which through the night was around an inch-ish of snow. Had there not been tire tracks all over my street, etc. I would have most-likely would have walked because our roads haven't been cleared as of yet. Therefore, a normal five minute drive took around fifteen minutes. Having to walk to class was horrible, not only is it freezing, but the sidewalks aren't cleared enough or at all to get to class. Some of which is ice, which glares up at me as if threatening to make me fall. It looks as if they attempted to clear the sidewalks but stopped, however, they didn't put down any rock-salt in which case I have slipped, but have yet to fall. It's a shame that the streets are clearer (and that's not saying much), than the sidewalks.

I am now, going to get down off my soapbox and leave you to your day, and plus my class is almost over. So have a great day! DFTBA!

Monday, December 7, 2009

What's New?

It's another boring day of not much else to do. Wait...I take that back, I have the unfortunate luck of having to skip class this morning, hence me typing this right now. Why am I skipping class this morning, you may ask? Well, I have this major research paper that's due by 5 pm this afternoon, and I have a paragraph out of 10 pages actually accomplished, so yeah, that takes priority at the moment. The reason it's not completed as of yet, is due to my procrastination, and I thought the paper was actually due this Friday, until our professor told us not to forget about our paper due Monday. Apparently, I misread our syllabus.

On a slightly different and upbeat note, it is December! Which means Christmas is just around the corner, one of my favorite holidays, and maybe because my birthday soon follows Christmas as well. :) Another good thing about December is that next week is finals week, and the semester will finally be over, too much stuff keeps piling up throughout the semester and so by the time I actually have time to do stuff, I have a stack of stuff to do that's a mile high. So the end of the semester is just great. What would be even more great, is if I actually was graduating, but I'm not. :(

Last night, I went to my brother's Christmas by Candlelight concert at the college where he attends and it was pretty great, like it is the last couple years I have gone. Luckily, there weren't any "Nargles in the Mistletoe" (from Jingle Spells 2 by the Moaning Myrtles), so as this is a shorter blog due to me desperately needing to work on my paper, I will leave you and hope to do another blog soon. :) xxxx

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