Monday, November 23, 2009

New Moon Review Take 2

So, I attempted to write a review talking and discussing the Midnight Premiere and describing the line and atmosphere, but with one wrong click *poof* it's gone and I have to start over. However, instead of re-writing everything I had before, unless you want me too, most is described in my youtube video that I'll be posting shortly.

Anyways, skipping over everything else and going straight into the the New Moon Review. I really loved it. I switched teams after contemplating over it all weekend. I mean Edward leaves Bella promising never to come back, like he never existed, so it's technically his fault that she falls in love with Jacob. He was there for her when Edward wasn't, so I'm pretty sure I'm Team Jacob now, besides the fact that Bella was using him, even if she didn't realize it till later, plus did you see those muscles. *swoons*

Chris Weitz did an EXCEPTIONAL job with the movie, I didn't leave disappointed. I went to the Midnight release and later that same night, that's how EXTRAORDINAIRE the movie is.


My favorite lines:

"Happy Birthday, Bella."~Edward Cullen
"Don't ruin me."~Bella Swan
"Well, your birth is definitely something to celebrate."~Edward Cullen
"My agings not."~Bella Swan
"Your aging? Isn't 18 a little old to be worrying about that."~Edward Cullen
"It's one year older than you."~Bella Swan
"No it's not, I'm 109."~Edward Cullen
"Then maybe I shouldn't be dating such an old man... It's gross."~Bella Swan

"Dating an older woman? Hot."~Emmett Cullen

"You're sort of beautiful."~Bella Swan
"How hard did you hit your head?"~Jacob Black

"Famous ladies' man."~Charlie Swan

"I need to go home... I was feeling sick before the movie."~Mike Newton

"What a marshmallow. You should hold out for a guy with a stronger stomach. Someone who laughs at the gore that makes weaker men vomit."~Jacob Black

"You like me right? And you think I'm sort of beautiful?"~Jacob Black

*Bella shivering in the truck*
"It's 108 degrees over here."~Jacob Black

"Did you ever have a secret you couldn't tell anyone? One that wasn't yours to share? That's what it's like for me, but worse. You have no idea how tight I'm bound."~Jacob Black
"I hate this. I hate what they've done to you."~Bella Swan
"I mean the killer part, is you already know. Bella, do you remember when we walked on the beach at La Push. The st..."~Jacob Black
"The story, the story about the cold-ones."~Bella Swan
"I guess I'll understand why that's the only part you remember."~Jacob Black

"Jake's kind of a werewolf."~Bella Swan
"Bella, werewolves aren't good company to keep."~Alice Cullen
"Speak for yourself. I had to make sure you were safe."~Jacob Black
"I thought you couldn't protect me here?"~Bella Swan
"I guess I don't care."~Jacob Black

"I can't see past you, and your pack of mutts."~Alice Cullen
"Don't get me's going to get ugly in here."~Jacob Black

"You're not going anywhere right? You're coming right back, right?"~Bella Swan
"As soon as you put the dog out."~Alice Cullen

The most funny part of the movie for me was when Aro is seeing the future from Alice, and sees how Bella will be a vampire, and Edward and Bella are frolicking through the forest. I laughed really hard, and I know it was suppose to be serious, but all I could think was the deer scene from "Milo and Otis" frolick and leap, frolick and leap. I'm even laughing as I type this.

I have too many favorite scenes to name off, almost all of them involve Jacob and/or Alice. My rating for this movie out of 5 stars is 5, I know, I know. But hey it's a thousand times better than Twilight and the new director had a passion and feel of the movie and I hope he directs Breaking Dawn.

I think you should should stop reading this and go and see the movie. What are you waiting for? GO! :D

The Nargles loved it and so will you. :D

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